Must Try Foods When In Italy

When it comes eating, Italians take their food very seriously. Each region of Italy has a specialty and knowing what’s good where you are can take your experience from good to great! Before you make the faux pas of ordering spaghetti and meatballs or gasp heaven forbid fettucine alfredo, take a glance at some of these mouth-watering specialties and consider giving them a try on your trip!


Risotto alla Milanese • Lombardy

Many of the staple dishes throughout this region have one thing in common: the color yellow. This custom dates all the way back to the medieval ages; the common belief was that consumption of gold promised good health, leading courts to coat food with gold before serving it to guests. The “secret” yellow color in this risotto dish? Saffron.


Fontina Fondue • Aosta Valley

No travels through the Valle d’Aosta is complete without sampling their rich and famous cheeses, especially the iconic Fontina. This classic cheese has been made in the Aosta Valley since the 12th century and is the perfect flavor and constituency for a steaming bowl of fondue.


Florentine Steak • Tuscany

What makes a Florentine steak so special? It all starts with a cut from Chianina beef, raised in the Chiana Valley, cut thick, and served rare to very rare.


Brodetto all’ Anconetana (Soup of Ancona) • Le Marche

This spicy fish stew celebrates the seafaring history of Le Marche. Traditionally made from the catch of fish left behind in the net, the recipe for this soup varies from village to village and city to city.


Porchetta • Umbria

Fatty, crunchy, moist and savory, porchetta is truly a celebration of indulgence! This boneless pork roast has even been chosen by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies as a traditional Italian food that holds cultural relevance.


Roman Artichokes • Lazio

Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, Rome’s fried artichokes are a must on any culinary tour of Italy. You will find the world’s best/most famous fried artichokes at Giggetto, located in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome.


Pizza Napoletana • Campania

No trip to Italy would be complete without sampling the local pizza, and what better place to sample a slice than the birthplace of the pizza we know today!

Italy’s unrivalled cultural heritage, diverse landscapes and celebrated food and wine make it an unmissable destination. There are so many superb places to go, it can be difficult to know where to begin, but Taylored Tours can help you create an itinerary that reflects your interests, takes in the main sights and reveals some of Italy’s lesser-known charms.

Taylored Tours specializes in planning dream vacations to Italy. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation call.

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