Why Use Taylored Tours?

1. We prepare you for the travel experience.
2. We understand where you’re going.
3. We screen every travel company.
4. We listen and we care about you.
5. We help you navigate the rules of travel.
6. We are available to you.
7. We leverage insider contacts to help you have a smoother trip.
8. We go the extra mile for you.
9. We will help solve any travel issues.
10. We will ensure you have a memorable vacation, “taylored“ just for you.


“I can hold a price for you… with a deposit.”

If you place a deposit, I can often freeze your price until you pay in full. This isn’t the case when booking online! We all know this infamous situation – you search for a flight online, you find a good deal, you check with your travel partner, and POOF! the price has gone up. By booking with me, my clients can rest assured that their prices will be locked in, as long as they leave a deposit. No disappointment here!

“I can create a custom itinerary for your dream vacation”

With a wealth of hotels, tours, and activities at my fingertips, I have the ability to make clients’ unique travel dreams come true! Think about all the time people spend planning, researching, and booking – ugh. By using my services, clients won’t have to lift a finger. Planning a dream vacation can seem overwhelming and daunting for many people – especially for first-time travelers. I can assure you that I will take all your wants and needs into consideration when creating your perfect custom itinerary, “taylored” just for you!

“I have insider knowledge and travel expertise”

Traveling to a new country can be nerve-racking, especially when a person doesn’t travel often. My knowledge and experience serves as a comfort to my clients. Because of my travel expertise, I know where to go, what to see, how to get around, and much more. I can also provide insider tips like restaurant recommendations, flight recommendations, neighborhoods to see/avoid, weather information, etc. It’s always more comforting to book an international vacation with someone who knows a lot about travel, as well as the specific destination.

“With me, there are no hidden fees.”

A travel agent’s quote may seem higher upfront, but that’s because all taxes and fees are included from the very beginning. As a travel agent and small business owner, it’s important that I am completely transparent with my clients. Oftentimes, online sites will lead clients on with alluring low prices, until they hit them with taxes and additional fees at checkout.


“With me, you have access to 24-hour ‘real human’ customer service.”

No matter what the issue – an issue with a hotel booking, a question about a tour, a problem with transportation – a real person (me) will be there to answer your call – before, during, or after your vacation. Many travelers will book with me solely for this comforting luxury. Most booking websites say “see ya!” after they take your payment. Venturing to another country feels a lot better when clients know I am here if they need me.


“If you leave a deposit, you don’t have to pay the rest until shortly before you travel.”

The typical international vacation for two travelers costs well into the thousands. It’s a big investment! Most online booking sites demand that travelers pay in full, on the spot. By allowing extra time for full payment, I allow clients to take control of their finances, which puts their minds at ease.

Ready for your next vacation? Let’s start planning today!
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