Travel Pods

One of the new travel trends that we are seeing for 2021 is what is being called “Travel Pods.” The term “travel pod” (sometimes called a vacation pod) is a way to travel with small groups of friends or family members sharing an adventure.

These pods can include multigenerational travel: grandparents traveling with their children and grandchildren. With the 2020 pandemic resulting in families not seeing each other as much, there is an increased interest in booking vacations that include a larger group of family members. In some cases, it is even neighboring families who feel comfortable together going on shared vacations. With clients working and studying virtually, Travel Pods are also turning into “Schoolcations” and “Workcations”.

The range of where-to possibilities is wide open and there are so many activities that can cater to travelers of all ages, interest and capabilities.

Taylored Tours will do all the planning for you, including researching which hotels accept small groups, what activities are available, and how to get a bunch of people together if they are traveling from different airports.

Whether you are booking a trip to New England, a castle vacation in Ireland, a island hopping vacation in Greece, or a once in a lifetime chance for the whole family to experience the wonders of the Northern Lights in Iceland, Taylored Tours will help plan it all for you!

And to top it off, there are many special promotions right now with amazing group rates. If you would like to be a group leader of a travel pod vacation, contact Taylored Tours and ask about the special perks just for group leaders.

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