What is Slow Travel?

I strongly believe in “slow travel” and this is why I encourage my clients to participate in immersive experiences while traveling.

Slow travel is an approach to travel that emphasizes connection: to local people, cultures, food and music. It relies on the idea that a trip is meant to educate and have an emotional impact, in the present moment and for the future, while remaining sustainable for local communities and the environment.

Where travel is considered, a “slow” mindset urges travelers to take a step back from their to-do lists and Instagram-worthy photo ops and simply embrace what the local community has to offer. Instead of making sure you hit the “hot spots” outlined in a travel guide, focus on things that locals do everyday, things that excite them and give them joy. The impact that these connections have on you will last a lot longer than the memories that you have of racing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction.

This is not just a way to travel, it’s a mindset. It’s the outlook that the quality of your experience is more important than the quantity of your experiences when you travel.

Why I’m Passionate About Slow Travel

While growing up, I spent my weekends and summers on our family farm, As a result, I was always interested, while traveling, in learning about local agriculture practices and culinary customs.

The art of making wine has also been very intriguing to me. I studied viticulture and enology courses and learned how to make wine. This hobby turned into a passion and my family planted vineyards on our farm land. When I’m not planning amazing trips for clients, you can often find me in our vineyards pruning, grape harvesting, and making wine.

After you learn how much goes into making one bottle of wine or a meal that was harvested from a chef’s garden, you will gain tremendous appreciation and respect for local farmers and winemakers.

How to Slow Travel

Live like a local

Talk to the people that you meet when you arrive at your destination and find out their favorite places to eat, relax, and learn. They know this city better than you do, so take their advice and run with it. That little hole-in-the-wall cantina might have the best guacamole that you’ve ever had.

Don’t try to see everything on your list

Leave a few things up to chance for once. When every minute is planned to a tee, you don’t leave room for surprise or happenstance. When you wake up on the first day of your travels, surrender to whatever the world has in store for you and live without fear of missing out.

Get ready to grow

Traveling is not the time to seek out the ordinary. Embrace the feelings of discomfort and use your trip as a chance to grow and learn more about how people around the world. Haggle in a local market. Say ‘yes’ to an opportunity that you never would in your normal life. Arrange a homestay where you’ll have to socialize with locals around the kitchen table on a daily basis. Whatever you do, don’t hold yourself back because of worry or discomfort.

Slow Travel Experiences

Here are just a few examples of slow travel that you can experience when you plan your travel with Taylored Tours:

There’s just no end to the abundant food experiences in Tuscany and an Italian cooking class will immerse you in it, from wine to cheese and pasta. I took a group to Italy and one of the big highlights was the cooking class. We learned how to make pasta dough from scratch, to hand roll perfect pici pasta, and make pillowy soft gnocchi, then we paired the fruits of our labor with amazing Tuscan wines, and famous local products like Pecorino cheese and olive oil. The class was taught by a local nonna with recipes handed down over generations. When I plan trips to Italy, I include hands-one experiences like this so you can truly immerse yourself in the culture.

I recently discovered the secrets of the culinary world’s legendary black gold…the truffle! I visited a Provençal truffle plantation and observed how the truffle dogs are trained to find them. It was so fun to go on a truffle hunt with the dogs, accompanied by professional truffle hunters. I enjoyed the anecdotes about the mysterious world of truffles. The truffle hunt was followed by a tasting of fresh truffle canapés, wine and a tasting of olive oil and organic truffle oil produced by the family. I’d love to help you experience this, too!

Let’s Start Planning

I believe deeply in the power of travel. Anything I can do to get you out exploring the world makes me happy! So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with me HERE and let’s talk about your next adventure.

Taylored Tours will get to know you, your travel style, interests, and vision for your trip. From there, we’ll design a stress-free, “taylored” vacation, full of immersive experiences. It’s really that easy.

Happy Travels!

Cindi Taylor, Taylored Tours

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