A Few of My Favorite (Travel) Things for A BEACH VACATION…

As a travel advisor, I travel a lot. I love to check out new and exciting destinations, find the best tours and activities, and to make connections with specialists in other countries…so I can provide the best recommendations and plan the most immersive experiences for my clients.

Clients often ask me what they should pack before they go “here” or go “there”. I’ve compiled this list of some of my favorite travel items and accessories, as well as a few that my clients recommend.

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For a Beach Vacation

Ok… so the very first thing you’ll do is consider the activities on your beach vacation. Will you be hanging out on the beach the whole trip? Or will you be exploring the area and have more adventures that will require different types of clothing and gear?

It’s important to have a really good idea about which activities you’re planning so you don’t overpack. And so you have everything you’ll actually need at your beach destination.

Next you’ll want to check the weather before you go! Based on your activities and the weather, it’s time to get to packing.

Okay, let’s dive in! Here are a few of my favorites:


Packing Cubes:

A Good Sun Hat:

GoPro MAX — Waterproof Camera:

Sunscreen Stick:

Water Shoes:

Quick Dry Beach Towel:

Electrolyte Drink Mix:


Enjoy our Complimentary Beach Travel Checklist:

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Let’s Plan Your Beach Vacation!

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