Four Fabulous Day Trips From Florence

Yes, there is so much to do in Florence, so day trips might be the last thing on your mind. We get it, but we urge you to think about it this way: you’re in Tuscany! When else will you experience ancient stone villages, terracotta roof villas, and Tuscan vineyards? Take a break from the city and immerse yourself in the spectacular spirit of Tuscany. Trust us, it’s even prettier than in the movies.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. San Gimignano

Nestled in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, this must-visit town boasts village vibes and postcard-worthy views. Step into San Gimignano (It’s pronounced Sahn Jee-Meen-YAH-Noh) and travel back in time! The stone streets of this 13th-century Italian hilltop town will make you feel like you’re walking through a fairytale. Known for its impressive skyline of medieval towers, San Gimignano is lined with gorgeous churches, quaint shops, lively piazzas, and cute gelaterias. Taylored Tours’ Tip: Don’t skip the gelato in San Gimignano!

2. Cinque Terre

If you’ve planned a trip with us to this part of Italy, you know that we always mention a visit to Cinque Terre! Okay, a 2 1/2-hour drive or train ride may seem like a lot for one day, but we promise that it’ll be worth it. Head northwest, past Pisa and Lucca, to the teal shore of the Italian Riviera. While no cars are allowed inside the villages of Cinque Terre (Manarola, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Monterosso al Mare), you may drive up to the edge and park. Visit these ancient candy-colored fishing villages that boast old-world charm and stunning sea views.

3. Siena

When Taylored Tours designs your Tuscany itinerary, we usually include a visit to Siena. It is, hands down, a cultural capital of Tuscany. Famous for its fan-shaped central square and its annual Palio Horse Race, this medieval brick city is a drenched in history and local pride. Stroll through storybook streets filled with amazing churches, shops, restaurants, and towers.

4. Chianti Wine Region

It’s time to get your wine on! You may have ordered a glass of Chianti with your pasta at an American Italian restaurant, but how cool would it be to actually drink wine in the Chianti region!? Head to this breathtaking green landscape of rolling hills, extensive vineyards, and stunning villas. Drive through the hilly roads by car or splurge on a wine tour and leave the driving up to your guide. Taylored Tours will custom-design your itinerary to include the best wine tasting and tours in this magnificent region.

Want to learn more about how Taylored Tours can plan a “taylored” vacation in Italy for you?

Italy’s unrivalled cultural heritage, diverse landscapes and celebrated food and wine make it an unmissable destination. There are so many superb places to go, it can be difficult to know where to begin, but Taylored Tours can help you create an itinerary that reflects your interests, takes in the main sights and reveals some of Italy’s lesser-known charms.
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