Ideal Vacations by Love Language

Follow your love language around the world! Traveling with your partner is a great way to enrich your relationship–especially when you can match your trip to your compatibility. For blissful vactions together, it’s important to understand how your partner experiences and expresses love. Read on to figure out which love language you have, then start planning your next romantic escape!


Acts of Service

If this is your love language, you feel loved when your partner does things to make your life easier, like chores or cooking. 

How you should travel: Make sure you and your loved one both get a break this Valentine’s Day! Consider going on a relaxed multi city vacation in Italy. Spend a few days discovering the Colosseum in Rome, then sip wine in the vineyards of Tuscany, and explore the architecture in Venice! 

Celebrate your love language by taking on navigation duties or mapping out the next day’s itinerary. Or tackle vacation chores like doing laundry, packing, or shopping for groceries. Then, relax in a gondola together for a romantic getaway you’ll treasure for a lifetime! 


Words of Affirmation

You’re all about expressing your love with words. You love to hear praise and appreciation. 

How you should travel: Travel to the City of Love: Paris! Float down the Seine River on a tour boat so you can chat about the incredible sites. Take a French class to learn romantic phrases. You can practice your new language skills to tell each other how you feel! (It’s ok to be corny! Go all out this Valentine’s Day.) Then head to an unforgettable classical concert at the Eiffel Tower! It’s bound to be your dream vacation. 


Receiving Gifts

If this is your love language, you feel loved when given special presents. 

How you should travel: Treat your partner to cute souvenirs throughout the vacation! Or if you’re the one who loves to be gifted, go souvenir shopping together and explore the culture. You’ll love strolling the markets of Spain – check out the famous Mercado de San Miguel! Spend an afternoon getting lost in the fascinating marketplaces and small shops.


Quality Time

Pretty straightforward – you love to spend quality time talking and doing activities you both love. 

How you should travel: Take a long vacation! Use that saved up vacation time and take a loooong trip. Ten days, two weeks? Up to you! It’s a great way to disconnect from the world and focus on your relationship. Consider some quality time in sunny Costa Rica. Lounge on a warm beach together. Then spot monkeys and exotic birds as you zip-line through the lush jungle! 


Physical Contact

If this is your love language, you feel most loved when you’re being hugged, kissed, or holding hands. 

How you should travel: Embrace your physical side in Iceland! Challenge yourselves to hike along massive glaciers and glassy ice caves. Drive a snowmobile across snowy plains for an unforgettable afternoon. Then plan a romantic visit to one of Iceland’s hot springs spas. Get massages, then snuggle up in a geothermal pool and apply natural mud masks! 

Where will your next romantic vacation take you? Contact us! Taylored Tours will create an expertly planned vacation, “taylored” just for you, saving you time and the stress of putting it all together.

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Cindi Taylor, Taylored Tours

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