How to Get Around Ireland

Considering a trip to Ireland? You may be weighing different transportation options. Self-drive vacations, train travel, buses, chauffeurs– What does it all even entail?! Take a deep breath, relax, and read on. Let Taylored Tours help you discover which method of travel works best for you!


1. Car

Ireland is a destination that is easily driveable. North to South is only 300 miles, and East to West is only 150 miles. This means you can cover a ton of ground in just a few days with a rental car! Some of the top attractions in the country, like the Wild Atlantic Way and the Ring of Kerry, are best explored at your own pace, meaning with you in the driver’s seat. We highly recommend considering a self-drive vacation, as it tends to be the easiest way to experience Ireland. However, we also recognize that driving on the opposite side of the road is intimidating. Take all factors into consideration and proceed however is best for you!

Train in Ireland

2. Train

If in reading the above you realized that there’s no way you’d be caught driving on the other side of the road in a foreign country, then consider train travel for your trip! Trains are a convenient way to travel between cities. Train rides also offer sweeping scenic views of the countryside as you pass through. Consider originating your trip in Dublin and traveling via train from there for the most frequent rail service!

Bus tour of Ireland

3. Bus

Ireland offers a handful of bus services for those wishing to use more local public transportation! Hop from town-to-town or city-to-city with ease. Dublin has its own bus network that serves areas outside the city, including County Wicklow and County Kildare. Day trips by bus are also a great way to experience other parts of Ireland if you’re based in one city during your trip. An escorted group vacation is another great way to explore Ireland…relax on a luxury motor coach with a local tour guide leading your way.

Northern Ireland

4. Chauffeur

A private, personal driver to handle most of your needs while in Ireland? Don’t mind if we do! Chauffeur vacations often come with a higher price tag, but for the personalized service you receive, it is definitely worth it for some people. Soak up the sights without the hassle of having to drive yourself! Plus, receive a touch of that charming Irish hospitality as you get to know your driver.

Westport bike path
Whether you wish to travel with a group, hire a private chauffeur, or drive yourself, Taylored Tours will help make your trip to Ireland special and memorable. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started planning your dream vacation to the Emerald Isle.

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