Solo Traveling Tips

While traveling alone can be incredibly rewarding, you may want to take a few more precautions if you’re traveling abroad solo.

Keep in mind these tips to keep you safe and happy on your next vacation!

Bed and breakfast

Stay in a B&B

If you’re traveling solo, staying in a bed and breakfast can make your experience more comfortable and personable. B&B owners are often times willing to offer advice or suggest must sees in the area, making your vacation that much more special. 

Book a group tour

A good way to see a new city is through a guided walking group tour. Taylored Tours can help you find just the right tour in major European cities like London, Paris, and Dublin (and more) with enthusiastic and knowledgable guides. Going on a group tour is also a great way to meet new people and even make a friend or two!

Waiting for the train

Travel during the day

Safety is a top concern for many solo female travelers. To ease worry, it’s recommended to travel during the day rather than at night. As with any traveler, keep your belongings within sight and stay vigilant of your surroundings at all times. If you must travel at night, stay in well-lit areas and take city-approved taxis to your destination rather than public transportation. 

Pack light

There’s almost nothing worse than lugging a 60-pound suitcase on your own. If you’re traveling for one week or less, pack a small carry on suitcase with no more than two pairs of shoes, one purse, and a few interchangeable items of clothing. Packing light means you’ll have more room for souvenirs!

Outdoor restaurant in Rome

Find restaurants with bar seating

There’s no reason not to book a 5-star Michelin restaurant when you travel alone, but a two-hour-long meal can get a bit lonely. Instead, look for restaurants with bar seating or outdoor terraces so you won’t be sitting at a table alone. In Europe, bringing a book to dinner is perfectly acceptable behavior.

Stay connected

Stay in touch with friends and family (and keep them from worrying) by checking your international service with your phone company. You can also download messaging apps like WhatsApp, which allows you to call anyone for free as long as you’re connected to WiFi.

Consider an escorted vacation

If the idea of traveling solo gives you the goosebumps, you may want to book an escorted vacation with Taylored Tours. You’ll be traveling with a group and one or more guides at all times, and everything from accommodations to transfers are included.

Taylored Tours encourages you to make this your year of adventure and don’t wait on someone else to give into your wanderlust when such world of wonders await!
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I believe deeply in the power of travel. Anything I can do to get you out exploring the world makes me happy! So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with me HERE and let’s talk about your next adventure.

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